"Facing up to the existence of a superspace in which myriads of worlds are stitched together in a curious overlapping, wavelike fashion, the concrete world of daily life seems light years away" ~ Paul Davies

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As developers, We Provide Ourselves With High Standards And Do Everything In Our Power To Stand By Them.

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We (Like Many Of You) Are Tired Of Seeing Blockchains Being Created Or Falsely Discredited For The Purpose Of Greed. We Have Designed This Project As To Provide A Source For Many Future Physicists And Generaly Interested People To Review What The Universe Is At It's Very Being.

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About us

Why We Made It

Our goals of this project are fairly simple, yet extremely important to our cause. Firstly, the goal of the project is to document and record all possible information about the astrophysical dimensions of the cosmos as well as the quantum realm. In short, we want to document the physical rules and aspects of our known reality. This includes but is not limited to; quantum physics and meta-physics.

The state of our universe and the mysteries that are brought forth from the experience of existence stand to be brought into the light of public information. We want to openly bring the advantage of this information to the public so technologies and such can be built upon the information we now have at hand. As a decentralized information system, new technology that benefits mankind will not be suppressed and will be openly availble to all.

We want to be able to send information away from prying eyes and may want to send entire blueprints, therefore we are going to implement a private chat built into the wallet with the availability to send pictures. Imagine being able to send a breakthrough patent for a type of capacitor/battery able of taking in massive amounts of electricity instantaneously and then being able to trickle that out as needed to an entire city, all while being protected in patent form by being archived and hashed to the chain in a timestamp.

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Why work with us

We offer a reward system with low inflation and a value backed by technology and information, both of which are starting to grow at an exponential rate. The technology utilized in the blockchain security will withstand decades of use and offers availability of earning potential on Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stakes, and a MasterNode system.

The technology and information placed into the blockchain database not only raises the value of the chain by usage, but raises the chance that the technology and information will actually be utilized and not just stored in a hard-drive in a university basement until a grad student discovers it years later to implement said technology. We encourage those of free thought and of sound mind to come and join us on our endeavors, and to shoot off into the physical world in search of answers.

  • Jerimiah Cook

    AKA. SaltineChips


    Shortly after entering the crypto scene in early 2016 Jerimiah became aware of vast shortcomings in many of the currently released projects. This led him to search for and to become involved with a group of people who were willing to focus on cleaning up and reviving projects. One of these projects just happened to be BlueBeasts

  • U/K

    AKA. MelonousHeadous


    Got interested in crypto and started to collect from faucets. Followed the faucet rabbit hole to faucethub, then from there found discord. I network very quickly and make alot more friends than enemies, and have found myself amongst the programmers and developers of the altcoins we know and love today. I followed the rain leechers to discord where I was told of magical "rains" of all coins.


  • VRX

    Difficulty retargeting

    A custom written block difficulty retarget system

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  • Velocity

    Constraint system

    For Individuals or groups looking for a Blockchain technology to represent.

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    There are many other things both still being worked on and completed

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Feb 17th 2019

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